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Obviously, teens have a lot going on in their lives and they have a lot on their minds. To us, it’s incredibly important to make sure the teens we treat are truly enthused about having a great smile. Really, it should be one less thing they have to worry about. It’s all about helping them feel more confident, both during treatment and after. We provide an environment that’s a lot of fun, where teens can really be themselves around people who are truly interested in getting to know them.

Depending on the type of treatment that’s needed, there could be numerous options that are available for added comfort and aesthetic appeal. Of course, we’ll always recommend what we know to be the best course of action. We also know that teens need to be involved in the process and we empower our patients by giving them and their parents the information they need to make the best decisions. All in all, we love helping to energize our patients and contributing to the confidence of young people.


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"From the very first meeting with Dr. Eisenhuth, we were very impressed with her professional and gracious manner, as well as her unwavering confidence in the field of orthodontics. It is truly exceptional, and the modern technologies that she utilizes embrace this."