The early bird gets the…perfect smile!

A lot of people only associate orthodontics with kids who are in their teens. But starting earlier helps in so many ways. Ideally, we’d like to start seeing kids by the time they turn seven. At that age we can figure out if orthodontic treatment is or will be necessary. In fact, it’s actually the best time for a patient to receive treatment because the first permanent molars and incisors usually have come in and crossbites, crowding and other problems can be evaluated.

By starting treatment early, we can dictate the growth of jaw and guide incoming permanent teeth. This can result in simplified treatment later in life. And even if a child’s teeth appear straight, there could be problems only an orthodontist can detect. On the other hand, the check-up may reveal that the child’s bite is fine.

No matter what, we will only recommend treatment when it is truly the appropriate time. Dr. Jennifer is a highly experienced Minneapolis pediatric orthodontist, who knows how to make sure kids are comfortable and that parents are well informed so they can make the best decisions for the care of their children. Visit our St. Paul child orthodontics practice for a compliementary consultation and find out if orthdontic treatment is right for your child.


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"From the very first meeting with Dr. Eisenhuth, we were very impressed with her professional and gracious manner, as well as her unwavering confidence in the field of orthodontics. It is truly exceptional, and the modern technologies that she utilizes embrace this."