Think you’re too old for orthodontics? Think again.

It’s really never too late to begin orthodontic treatment. In fact, these days, 20 percent of all orthodontics patients are age 21 and older. Some simply never received treatment at a younger age and some, perhaps, wish they’d actually worn their retainers and taken treatment more seriously when they were younger. Either way, age is no barrier when it comes to moving healthy teeth.

There are also options available now that tend to be more attractive to adults than traditional braces. Though orthodontic treatment may take a little longer for adults, the results can make a huge difference in their lives. We just want to help the adults we treat go out into the world with renewed confidence and excitement about their smiles.


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"From the very first meeting with Dr. Eisenhuth, we were very impressed with her professional and gracious manner, as well as her unwavering confidence in the field of orthodontics. It is truly exceptional, and the modern technologies that she utilizes embrace this."