Retainer Story: How I lost My Retainer

There was a sixteen year old king of chocolate named Jeff McDonut that lived in a chocolate factory in San Francisco where there was a big population of people. The king loves eating chocolate, that’s every kid’s dream. Every day he would look out the window and see the San Francisco 49ers playing football and he would think I want to do that someday.

The king thought he could hire someone to taste the chocolates so he could play football. But, he knew that would never happen. One day he made a fortune chocolate that told a fortune or advice and Jeff got one that said anything’s possible. So the king went and hired somebody to taste the chocolates. Jeff asked the high school football coach if he could try out for the football team and the coach said yes. So Jeff tried out and it ended up that he was a really good thrower and he was named the San Francisco Hawks starting quarterback while still wearing his retainer.

Jeff played two years with the Hawks then entered the 2016 NFL Draft. He was the first overall pick in the draft for the San Francisco 49ers. Jeff was amazed but still mad because he’s still wearing his retainer at 19 years old.

Jeff played six years in the NFL and got his chocolate maker job back. But in one football game Jeff is still wearing his retainer at 25 years old and got hit really hard and his retainer came out and got stepped on and crushed.

And that’s how Jeff lost his retainer.

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