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Dr. Jennifer’s Kids Club!

Did you know the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends an orthodontist examine children’s teeth no later than age 7?

By age 7, enough permanent teeth have emerged to evaluate relationships between teeth, jaws, and bite to allow an orthodontist to determine if everything will continue to develop normally.

Our Kids Club program is designed for our younger patients, not quite ready for treatment. With consistent monitoring at a younger age, Dr. Jennifer is able to track the growth and development of these kiddos and develop plans for treatment as needed. By utilizing early monitoring, some often overlooked issues can be documented and treated, if necessary.

What is Dr. Jennifer looking for?

  • Evaluating potential cross-bite development
  • Evaluating open bite development
  • Obstructive breathing issues. (Is your child a mouth breather?)
  • Position of baby and permanent teeth
  • Dental overcrowding or spacing which could hinder or affect permanent tooth development or position
  • Eruption path of permanent teeth
  • Teeth at risk for injury or decay due to protrusion or overcrowding
  • Harmful habits that may cause orthodontic problems (thumb sucking)
  • Oral hygiene and overall dental health
  • A balanced facial appearance

About Our Kids Club

The Kids Club is designed to be FUN! We have games and contests specifically for these Kids’ Club members to keep their office visits fun and interesting. Whether it be their own appointment or they’re just tagging along with their sibling, children love coming to see us at the office – especially when they receive one of our awesome birthday prizes!

How to Join Our Kids Club

Simply schedule a free consultation with Dr. Jennifer! She will examine your child’s teeth and share her recommendations. At the appointment, we will make sure to register your child as a member of the Kids Club.

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